Current Fellows

Service Year 2022-2024

Aaliyah Yarde, she/her/hers

Youth Enrichment Services, College Prep Coordinator

Hey! My name is Aaliyah, this is my second year of being a fellow. I’ll be one of our senior fellows this year and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m working at YES as a college prep coordinator and I’m excited to see my youth again.

Dasia Miles-Langaigne, she/her/hers

Artists For Humanity, College Advisor

Hey! My name is Dasia and I currently reside in Massachusetts! I am very active and health-conscious. My hope is that with each opportunity I am able to learn and grow as an individual. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston and I look forward to meeting the students within my site.

David Bamgbowu, he/him/his

Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest

I’m David. I went to college at Umass Amherst where I studied Biology. Some of my favorite things to do are taking naps, watching movies, hanging out with my family. I’m very excited for the year to start and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and working at my host site.

Laura Tsang, she/her/hers

Apprentice Learning

I grew up in New Jersey near the shore and graduated from Boston University in 2021. This is my second year of service and I am so excited to continue working at my host site, Apprentice Learning. I love to swim, explore outside and read. I’m looking forward to meeting a new group of kids next year and continue working with the students I met this past year!

Jaysa Malone, she/her/hers

Freedom House

As a liberal arts student completing a B.A. degree at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2023 Spring, In short, I love the atmosphere of academia: research, assisting information inquiries, guiding first-generation college students toward career goals. By nature, gregarious, outgoing, inquisitive, and empathetic, I enjoy conversation, history, social psychology and an awareness of social justice issues, especially their impacts on local communities.

Kalena “Kal” Wang, she/her/hers

Enroot, Cambridge Fellow

Kalena is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, growing up in Newton and then going to Harvard, where she studied environmental engineering with a minor in education. After spending a couple of years as an environmental consulting analyst, she’s excited to transition to working in education through a year of service at Enroot. Kalena is looking forward to building meaningful relationships with students and thinking creatively about curriculum and pedagogy. In her free time, Kalena can be found starting a new baking project, rock climbing, or tending to her forest of houseplants.

Sara Goulart, she/her/hers

Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools, Inc.

Hi, my name is Sara Goulart, and I was born and raised in Falmouth, Mass. I graduated from FHS in 2018 and also graduated this past May from Assumption University in Worcester, Mass, with a bachelor’s in graphic design and a minor in magazine design and creative writing. Some of my passions include photography, reading with my cat on my lap, and trying to find the restaurant with the best mac and cheese recipe. I volunteered a lot of my time in college to work with underserved kids and fell in love with it, so I began the search to continue that passion. I always knew I wanted to give back to my community before I flew away from the nest, and the MPF was the perfect combination of my passion for working with kids and serving the community that made me who I am today.

Jamie Kim, she/her/hers

Asian Community Development Corporation

Jamie is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, but moved to Massachusetts to attend Boston College. She graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy & Architectural Studies and a minor in Managing for Social Impact. She loves talking about the environment, food, fashion, and architecture. While serving at ACDC, Jamie is excited to work with Asian/Asian American youth and learn alongside them.

Catherine “Kat” Anderson, she/her/hers

La Vida Scholars

I’m a second year fellow and serving at is La Vida Scholars again. I’m from Nashua, NH and graduated from UMass Amherst in 2021 with a BS in Psychology and a certificate in Civic Engagement and Public Service. I am currently working on a MEd in Higher Education Administration through Northeastern. I am a very creative and extraverted person and love to talk and connect with others. La Vida has been an amazing opportunity that I’m excited to be apart of for a second year. Other than work I have a lot of diverse interests including anything with food, cooking, baking, animals, crime shows, video games, shopping etc. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and building more relationships with other fellows in the cohort and working with La Vida again.

Maia Almeida, she/her/hers

Town of Stoughton, Prevention Department

I’m originally from Swansea MA where I learned to love being outside with my family, camping and going to the beach. I went to school at Framingham State where I studied Communication Arts with a Concentration In Media and a minor in Journalism – I know its a mouthful. While exploring my major I also found an interest in photography, and just recently film photography. During my time at Framingham I did a lot of things, including a spring break of service. Going into my second year of service now, I’m looking forward to building my connections within the cohort of fellows and my coworkers at my host site.

Khia White-Mack, she/her/hers

St. Stephen’s Youth Programs

I’m Boston born and raised, I’ve gone to a few different schools, my favorite things to do are to paint and listen to music, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the youth have grown over the summer.

AJ Pape, he/him/his


Anthony “A.J.” Pape is from Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Film Studies. He is passionate about current events, social justice, television, and movies. He is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to support students as they figure out their next steps after graduating high school during his second year as a Massachusetts Promise Fellow. The chance to meet people and assist them with their academic endeavors is exciting. Activities he enjoys outside of work are wheelchair basketball, skydiving, swimming, and for more relaxed hobbies, he likes reading and analyzing television and movies.

D’Andra “Dede” Evans, she/her/hers

St Stephen’s Youth Programs, College and Career Support

Hi! My name is D’Andra Evans but everyone calls me Dede! I am born and raised in Boston, MA and just recently graduated from Mars Hill University in North Carolina. I love walking, music, and learning new things so I am excited to spread this year of service learning and helping youth with their college career.

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

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